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Welcome Back, Red Foxes!

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom. The City of Philadelphia’s PHLConnectED program provides thousands of Philadelphia families with free internet access to support their education. Find out if you’re eligible by dialing 2-1-1. For language services, press 8. Find more information at

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My bus drops me off at school. I greet Dean Kristi as I walk in to breakfast. Today we're having a local apple and French Toast sticks--my favorite!
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After morning work, we move to the rug for Morning Meeting. We greet each other, share, play a game, and read a message from our teacher.
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Reader's Workshop is one of my favorite times of the day. I choose books that are just right for me and practice reading on my own or with a partner.
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I am the Table Captain at lunch today. I will help set the table and serve my friends. At the end of lunch, I lead the clean up.
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Today is my day to go to Art. I finished the landscape I've been working on for weeks! My oil pastel is inspired by Monet.
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It was a good day. Mom is picking me up and I'm going to see if I can stump her with the new math fact I learned! Can't wait to come back tomorrow!

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